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Time Savers

posted Feb 15, 2014, 9:32 AM by Kenneth Frisk
Think Double!
•When preparing meals, make a double batch and freeze half.  You'll have a homemade meal ready for another night without having to do all the prep work again.  That saves a lot of time!
•When baking cookies--homemade always tastes best and the kids love to help make cookies!--make a double batch of the base cookie dough.  Split in half and add different finishing ingredients:  chocolate chips, dried cranberries, etc.  When the cookies are baked, store half of each type in FreezerMate containers and pop in the freezer for another day.
•Store your dry goods in Modular Mates in your cupboard or panty.  You'll be able to find the foods you want when you need them.  You'll also be able to create a shopping list more easily and buy only what you need.
•Cut the carrot sticks, celery stocks, and peppers into snack-size pieces and store in FridgeSmart containers.  When the kids (or you) are hungry , there's a healthy snack ready to be eaten.