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Lunch Time Tips

posted Aug 10, 2013, 8:18 AM by Kenneth Frisk
•Instead of purchasing pre-made, individually wrapped puddings and Jell-O, make your own. 
A four serving box fits perfectly into four Snack Cups.
•Send water for lunches instead of juice.  It's a healthier choice--and less messy when it spills.  Plus, when younger children take juice to school, one of two things happens:  drink it all and don't eat all the lunch, or eat the lunch and throw most of the juice away.  Trust me on this one--I've been a primary teacher for 24 years.  The 500ml Water Bottles are the perfect size for primary-aged children.
•Have children help with cutting up carrots, peppers, and celery and they'll want those items as their snacks.
•Use a bit of lemon juice on apple slices to prevent browning.  Young children have an easier time with apple slices than eating off the core--so many missing teeth!  And if they don't finish the apple slices, they can come home in the container to be finished later, instead of being thrown away.
•Make a bit extra at dinner time and put the leftovers in Vent'N'Serve or CrystalWave to be taken to work for lunch.  An office worker will save over $30 every week just by taking a lunch to work instead of going out and grabbing a quick bite.  That's over $1500 a year!  Pay the mortgage off faster or go on a vacation with those lunch time savings.