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Litterless Lunches

posted Aug 31, 2012, 7:09 PM by Kenneth Frisk
Want to save some money?  Then pack lunches for the kids--and the adults!--using Tupperware products.
•By using Sandwich Keepers, Snack Cups, Bowls, Tumblers, Water Bottles, etc., and buying in bulk you'll save money.  And you'll save the environment--no wrappers to throw away!
•Buy a 650ml tub of yogurt and use Snack Cups for the individual servings.
•Make instant pudding and serve it in Snack Cups.
•Sandwich Keepers aren't just for sandwiches.  They're perfect for cut up fruits and vegetables, crackers, and sushi.
•Save a fortune by sending water in a tumbler or Water Bottle.  It's a healthy choice.
•Make your own Rice Krispee Squares and send them along in FreezerMate Mini or Small containers.
*Got leftovers?  Use CrystalWave or Vent'N'Serve containers.  Take them to work and reheat--that's easy meal planning!
•No need to "brown bag" it--Tupperware has lots of insulated lunch bag options.  Pick the one that's perfect for you.