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Get Organized!

posted Dec 26, 2014, 5:00 PM by Kenneth Frisk
An organized cupboard makes preparing meals and baking treats so much easier.
Divide your cupboards/cabinets/pantry into stations.
•Baking Station:  Flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda etc.  Everything you use for baking is kept in the same section.
•Pasta and Beans Station:  Rectangles and SuperOvals are great for organizing the foods that make daily means.
•Breakfast Station:  Move the cereal from the boxes into SuperCereal Storers, SuperOvals with Pour-All seals, or Squares--you'll know when you're almost out of a box of cereal because the containers are clear--no more pulling out the box only to find it's empty!
•Snack Station:  Even though we all want a healthier diet, it's still nice to treat oneself everyone once in awhile.  Besides, crackers will go stale quickly if not kept airtight.  So keep the marshmallows soft and the homemade cookies fresh in Modular Mate Square containers.
•Beverage Station:  Hot chocolate, tea, coffee--These all need to be kept in airtight containers to maximize flavour.  
Don't know where to get started?  Host a party and we'll focus on Cupboard Organization.
Or book a Custom Kitchen Planning session with me--I'll work with you to organize your cupboards, selecting the right shapes and sizes to fit your needs.  I'll even come back and help you put them in the cupboards when your order arrives!