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posted Jun 17, 2013, 5:30 AM by Kenneth Frisk
•It's summer and the fresh produce is abundant.  Whether it's from your own garden, a farmer's market, or the grocery store.  Make the most of the fresh food while it's here and freeze some of it for the fall and winter.
•FreezerMate containers are designed to make freezing fast and keep your freezer organized.
•Flash freeze berries on a cookie sheet and then store them in FreezerMate Small 2 and Medium 2 containers.
•Blanch corn on the cob (husks removed) in boiling water, then cool immediately in ice water.  Dry thoroughly and then store in a FreezerMate Large 2 or 3 container.
•The FreezerMate Medium 1 container is perfect for three boneless chicken breasts, a pound of ground beef, or a package of bacon.  Pull the bacon strips off and then roll them up individually before storing in the FreezerMate Medium 1 so you can use as much or as little bacon as you need later.