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Save time, taste, waste, and money.

posted Feb 15, 2014, 9:24 AM by Kenneth Frisk   [ updated Feb 15, 2014, 9:24 AM ]
Save time, taste, waste, and money.
That's what Tupperware is all about.
Having foods stored safely in the cupboard, fridge, or freezer and ready to use saves you time.
Air-tight storage keeps the flavours in and saves taste.
FridgeSmart with its venting system keeps your produce fresher longer and that saves taste and waste.
And all of those reasons above plus being able to cook real meals at home, not simply warming up pre-packaged meals, will save you money.
Our lifetime warranty means that if your product cracks, breaks, chips, or peels, it will be replaced for free.  You buy your Tupperware once!  That saves money.
And to save even more money, host a Tupperware party. As a host you receive free Tupperware.  And free is always the best price!
What are you waiting for, pick a date and let's party!