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Family Meals

posted Sep 14, 2013, 8:53 AM by Kenneth Frisk
Back in the "when I was a child" days, families ate meals together.
Nowadays families are busy--differing work schedules, kids in sports leagues, school activities--and it is difficult to have meals together
Tupperware can help you, even if it is for just one meal a week.
The TupperWave Stack Cooker system allows you to prep a meal ahead of time and then pop it into the microwave.  Thirty minutes later, the meal is ready to serve.
The SmartSteamer, with it shielding technology, lets you to steam meals in the microwave.
The new UltraPro Ovenware allows you to use the microwave and/or the regular oven.
And the Chef Series Cookware with its high quality triply stainless steel allows you to cook on the stovetop or in the oven.
To find out more about cooking meals with Tupperware, contact me and book a party.  It will be fun and you'll earn free Tupperware.